Will Heat be up for this Game 4?

Posted by HBP at 2011-06-07 | Views: 470

Will the heat get complacent? Will they feel the mission is complete ,just get one thats it? Will they be motivated?

The  answers to these questions are yes and no. What Im predictated the game will be intense. The Mavs will

come out with full of energy,they will be up after the first period,(this is where miami will get complacent)

but after relizing they are in THE FINALS AND ITS GAME 4, they will turn ON THE HEAT,literally and Beat the Mavs.

guys. Jason Terry should   have never opened his big mouth now he wont even have 10 points in this game,bet on

it. Check for Haslem and Chalmers to have big games on the road.

 Again Im picking the heat to win all the games in have  Its almost showtime!!!!LETS GO HEAT



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