Sunday's Throwback Dancehall: Beenie Man-World Dance (1995)

Posted by Ms. Juice at 2012-01-15 | Views: 543

The first thing that came to my mind when I dug up this video was a good old fashion Brooklyn Block Party. My 1995 summer was spent in Flatbush (the hub for Caribbean people in Brooklyn) and this song was killing the place.  My little brother and cousins we constantly dancing against each other, and creating a scene on the block, whenever they got a chance. Stage shows were my new found obsession, and my mother was fueling it every chance she got. 

Dancehall music felt soooooo good and energetic during this point. Great concerts, videos, and much more!!!

I wonder if we'll ever get back to the point when Dancehall music was simply Dancehall Music and not sounding like Hip-Hop, Pop, House Music or whatever this so-call "Cross-Over" sound is. Just my opinion...

Go ahead and take a trip down memory lane below


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