Juicy Fashion Tip: Secrets Behind Mixing Prints

Posted by Fashionenira at 2012-01-24 | Views: 497

The first thing to remember when attempting to mix prints is that there is a sequence to how items should be layered—simply raiding your closet and pulling on every printed item you own will look as though you dressed yourself blindly.

Trust Me!

The easiest way to incorporate different prints into a particular outfit is to focus on a main piece and match a different printed item that is within the same colour family. The combination could be as simple as combining a black and white abstract-printed skirt with a black and white striped sailor top. A more advanced example would be pairing items that are complementary in colour: blue and orange, yellow and violet and red and green. Choosing to mix patterns and prints that are complementary in colour will make each item appear brighter when worn together.


There are also some prints and patterns that look effortlessly chic when styled together. Pairing stripes and florals is one of the easiest ways to pull-off the mixed print look. A bold striped blazer would look impeccable over a flirty floral dress, but if you’re too timid to make such a statement, opt for a pairing of a floral scarf with a sailor-striped tank. Another easy pairing is to combine artsy polka dots with stripes; this could be as simple as wearing a polka dot top with a striped sweater, but do remember to vary the scale of the print to add more visual interest.


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