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Reggae Music's Having Problems?

Posted by Ms. Juice at 2012-09-14 | Views: 821

In a recent interview with the Jamaican Gleaner world renowned reggae band, Inner Circle, launched their "Save Reggae Music" campaign which raised the question, Is Reggae Music Really on Life support?

For those of you that don't know Reggae and Dancehall music are from the same island but two completely different sounds. Some would even go as far as to say Dancehall music could be one of the ultimate killers of Reggae music.

The Internet has been buzzing about this topic in recent days, especially after the Miami Heralds article titled "Jamaica Sounds the Alarm Over its Music." The Herald spoke with on the direction of Dancehall music and where it's going, and according to them the message behind the music has gone all wrong.


What do you think?


Read Both Article's Here:

Miami Herald Article

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