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Popular DJ @SupaTwitch Releases An Open Letter to Set the Record Straight

Posted by Ms. Juice at 2012-05-31 | Views: 1371

In the year 2000 I made a decision to leave Afrique sound after 8yrs. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made but at that point in my life I knew I had to think about my future and I had to make my own path.

I moved to Florida and I did my solo thing with no help from anyone in this business other than Spragga or a few promoters/friends who stood loyal to me. I heard some people say "Twitch naah guh mek it pon him own" others said "ah falla him a falla Matterhorn"...I paid them no mind...I continued my Journey with 3 things on my mind...The love I had for music, The faith I had in my talents and my belief in the Almighty God. Yep...It worked.

In April 2004 after returning from Europe with Kevin Little and Spragga, my life changed forever in one day. I did the stupidest most unthinkable thing that I can't explain to this day but hurts every time I thing about it. I was at home with my bredren and my girlfriend at the time and my bredren had a gun and for some stupid reason I took it up and thought I had emptied it and was stupidly playing around and it went off and shot my girlfriend in her stomach. Everything I worked for in my life so far meant nothing as I saw her life and mine being destroyed in an instance!

God was always apart of my life and that day He was present and saved ours.

She made it thru with all praises to God but I went to Jail that day...for 12 days. In that 12 days I was tried and sentenced by almost everybody, even people I said were my friends because they did not know what had happened so they decided to make up their own stories.

In six weeks the charges were dropped and ruled an accident (which was right) but now it was time to go back to work to reconstruct my life and feed my family.

I got the worst fight from people...the rumors continued everywhere and everyday but once again I went back to my formula I used once b4...the love I had for music, the faith I had in my talents and my belief in the Almighty God...yep it worked again!!

In 2006 I decided that the saying "no man is an Island" stands true so I formed "Supa Sound" with the addition of Smokey Fire and Karim Hype soon after.

We're now in 2012 and I'm proud to say that I'm at the top of my game and Supa Sound one of the most consistent all round sound and I couldn't be more proud of Smokey and Karim who became my brothers based on our struggles and the fight they inherited by joining the sound.

After all that's said we still get that fight today as we speak...the hypocrites are rampant amongst us and I see them clearly.

My purpose for writing this today is to remind some people that my achievements are not in awards or trophies because I've done that and I appreciate them...but my achievements comes with the my existence!!! The fact that I'm still here after 23years and I'm still relevant...that's all I need!!!!

I still have the love for music, I still have faith in my talents and my belief in the Almighty God!!!

Acknowledgments are great yes but I prefer respect...respect for what I've done...the journey that I'm has to be Noted!!!

DO NOT MAKE A CHAMPION INTO AN UNDERDOG!!! Trust me I need no more Existence is enough!!

If u read this and it bothers u then it was for you...plain and simple.

I hope it has inspired some people because what I've gathered along my journey is that people are always going to be talking sh*t but the time when you lose is the time when you QUIT!!!!

God Bless.




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