Omarion Luke Skywalker, featuring Method Man sounds Personal

Posted by Mysteria at 2011-05-04 | Views: 863

It’s seems like the artist are starting to really express how they feel about the music game. It’s no secret, but I guess the ones that are slept on or even the has been’s have a lot to say. Just like Mr. Has Been, himself Omarion. In this new sneak peek from his new Mix tape 'The Awakening,' hosted by DJ Drama Mr. O expresses a lot in his verse. I mean with all the controversy going on around his circle I am sure he has “LOTS” to say. One part of his verse he says, “It’s sad to see what everybody doing to get on, the game copy cat aint nobody got they own……!” Is he giving us hints or is he trying to say something else. I mean we who are in the game and see what’s happening already know about the copy cats, but what about what they doing to get that deal. Being that he went threw it, I guess he realized that it’s only getting worse? Man I don’t know, but I am sure this Mix tape will have a lot of secret coding in his verses to express it. "Luke Skywalker," featuring Wu-Tang's Method Man, I won’t lie its aight, and I am not an Omarion fan so aight is a lot. The fact he put my baby Meth on it, makes it good to me!

If you missed the Juice before Check out "Luke Skywalker," featuring Wu-Tang's Method Man again!


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