My Question about Rock City & Konvict Records has been answered.

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My question has been answered? A while back I asked what was going on with Rock City and Konvict Records and then it came across my computer screen on twitter. After a five years shelf roller coaster, Rock City, was released from their recording contract with Akon's Konvict Records. I never new this, but they had public campaign dubbed PTFAO (Put the F**king Album Out) to appeal their business relationship. Since their debut album on Konvict was not given a release date, the duo spent two years in seeking the so limited options to dissolve their recording contract. After a long two years that probably to them felt like an eternity, Mr. Konvict himself, offered the group an opportunity to remain with the label and work towards dropping an album or being released from their contract. The duo did not think twice exited Konvict Records. Now that the duo is free sailing they will release their debut album "Free At Last," on their record label, Rebelution Records.

Man what a damn shame!! I really was rooting for Konvict Records because it gave Caribbean artist a way to shine in this so called American Game. We all know that the Caribbean community has a major influence on the music industry, but yet they can not get the love they deserve. I thought Konvict will be that bridge barrier, I guess not! I have no clue on why this happened, but hopefully we get that juice first, I mean the REAL juice. Not that watered down “We just parted ways” shit. With Nicki and Rihanna swing the Caribbean flow in the lyrics can this happen for any other artist? I am crossing my fingers on this, hell I hope and pray they don’t get stuck together waiting. I have HOPE!!!

So I guess congrats to Rock City? Maybe riding dolo will help you rise as artist! I still love ya’ll music!




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