Miguel Let's it be known that the - Pu**y is His!

Posted by Mysteria at 2011-04-29 | Views: 768

Miguel must have some good ass Pu**y around him because the man is sprung off of it. Miguel recently went into the booth to freestyle and create this aggressive track called "Pu**y Is Mine." Now you tell me if he isn't getting some good good for him to roll out of bed, right into the booth to make this track. I swear the man making me want to see him more and more, just to say, “Miguel it is yours!” LMAO nah he too short, but for real his music is so damn sexy. I LOOOVEEE this mini 2:27 minute track that expresses how he feel about Pu**y! It just shows other man that they are not alone and it’s ok to be sprung; tell her that Pu**y is yours. Hell T-Pain did it and that ish blew through the roof! Is this on his album, no but maybe on his next one? I just want more tracks like this so me and Miguel can always be real good friends.

So if you missed the post before Check out "Pu**y is Mine" by Miguel


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