MIAMI Heat Offseason Part 1 :THE PHOENIX "FALL & RISE

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WADE LEBRON BOSH"Rome is not built in one day",just one of James many FAMOUS quotes this past season. NotIce the emphasis on

"FAMOUS". The media who were like the" Tabloids" when reporting on the Heat. The media blew up,screwed,every

word that  came out of the mouth from any of the 3 stars. These guys were put together. This was their first year

together. One thing you cant screw and twist are stats,and this is why I love sports. All year I heard the haters."Wade

and James are the same player","Egos wont allow  this to work",Whos gonna take the final shot",etc.,etc. When looking

into the numbers and reviewing the season as a whole.I would say it was a not only a good season ,it was a very

SUCCESSFUL season.The Heat were a ranked top 2 in defense and rated the number one in plus/minus

category.James and Wade were number 2 and 4 in scoring,which is incredible to do, when your thrown together and

have to mesh together and still reach the finals in your first year. Of,course this doesnt happen without Bosh.

Everyone's whipping boy!. Understand this, call him what you want and whatever outside opinion you may have

about him and his lifestyle. Without this guy,the heat dont have close to the season that just past. This guy still 

averaged 18 and 9,with having the other two guys taking way more shots than him he will only and mark my words

he will only get better,he's only 26. Now, listen making the finals and not winning is bad,but just like Jason Terry

said in the finals "in 06 it wasnt our time and this time is our time".As bad as I hate to agree with that quote and

share the same disdain  for the same guy,especially now that recently hes prancing on the new Young Jeezy video

shoot "WIN"(was talking shit about you, Lebron,its on tape,its personal now!)Terry was right,the Heat have to accept

it wasn't there time and keep believing in everything they have come together for. "The Process" that was preached

over and over by coach spo,needs to be enforced.  Defense first and everything else comes after,but he should

bring something new to the element ."The Pain". He should remind these guys everyday to motivate them to finish

the mission this time. I honestly felt the heat made it to the finals of sheer talent,which speaks volumes of what can

really happen if they are properly motivated. Now, so far the roster is kinda incomplete right now and lets not be

blind to the lockout that WILL HAPPEN. and if you think the NFL  are going through a  long lockout wait until the NBA

start making press. It will be a shorten season,but we will have basketball. With that being said the needs are

obvious.I like the Norris pick,he will be a surprise to some and im predicting he will be the 2nd point guard. with his

elite speed and pick and roll skills he will give the heat more fastbreak oppurtuinities. The heat need SIZE,which

prove fatal for the heat in the finals,No answer Chandler. there was a lack of size in the middle.(even though i felt

spo should have used igakaskas more but im leaving that stuff for part 2)  and so I introduce  Samuel Dalembert,

The 7"1 center from Haiti is intrigue and knows south florifa has a strong haitian community, is a Free agent and is

rumored to sign with the heat. If he does "Look Out".Hes a athletic 7 footer and he brings everything the heat needs

a shot blocker and rebounder (he averaged 8.8 points and 8.5 rebounds in only 25 minutes coming of the bench at

times) Imagine hes the starting center. The heat would Dominate defensively.Also a must is a another wing

stopper. Wade and James are great 2-way players but are depended to score so much that while playing tough

defense wears them out.So, having a guy like shane battier who is also on the heat radar would be perfect there is

also grant hill whos brings dependability and veteran leadership.If the Heat can get these upgrades,watch out

cause it will be "not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 and so on.    The Heat are at the doorstep,its just up to them to break it

wide open!



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