Loving this new track from Rock City called Freak her to Keep her

Posted by Mysteria at 2011-04-15 | Views: 486

Now I have been following brothers Timothy and Theron Thomas R&B singing, rapping and songwriting duo, Rock City for a while now. I became a fan when I first heard their single ‘Losin it’ like 2 years ago. With Akon backing them I thought I would have seen more of them, but for some reason I didn’t. I can not tell you why or what happen with the duo, but all I know is that I am feeling this new single 'Freak Her to Keep Her.' Since this is something a lot of men forget to do, maybe a little note taking would be good “Right about NOW!”

My question to Rock City is, when is the Album coming out? When it does I hope and pray that you have more tracks like this for the ladies! The skills on the two are off the hook and I hope this time around others will appreciate my fellow Caribbean duo.

Check out new single 'Freak her to Keep her'


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