Les Nubians reps Natural people with - Afro Dance

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Who remembers the R&B Grammy-nominated sister duo Hélène and Célia Faussart from Paris, France called Les Nubians? I do and I am happy to announce their NEW ALBUM, “Nü Revolution” is available everywhere NOW! Their single ‘Afro Dance’ is the perfect single for those who are natural or want to become natural or has been natural and fell back in love with a perm. Their all natural style and grace gives you a boost to want to run and chop off any perm on your head. In this video 'Afro Dance' they show case beauty with natural hair. From light to dark, to big and small, to dreads and twist; flashing frame to frame, Les Nubian embraces natural hair.

Check out video with Les Nubian called 'Afro Dance'

I became a fan from way back; I mean way back to their remake of Sade’s ‘Sweetest Tabu’ feat Black Thought of the Roots. Even though half of the song was in French, the sweet vibration of their voices made me really vibe with not only the remake, but with the duo themselves. I never thought I can sit and listen to a group without knowing what the hell they saying, but Les Nubian got me.

If you need a little reminder of Les Nubians ft Black Thought of the Roots – Tabou check it out below



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