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Before I pressed play on Datpiff, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So many thoughts ran through my mind like, “here we go again, another rapper,” but when I did hit that play button I was in for a shocker.

And trust me, UZI shocked the hell out of me…

His recent Mixtape “Straight Flows Vol. 1: The Blitzkrieg” is an extra special project that doesn’t sound like something made overnight. The hard work and dedication in the lyrical content screams through his rhymes, and you can hear his hunger like a starving child in South America. His lines are like a breath of fresh air, and his semi-animated delivery is nowhere near the norm of what you would expect from a new artist without a major record deal.

No wonder why they're calling him "Florida's Finest"

UZI hails from Miramar, FL but I instantly thought of Atlanta while listening to the mixtape, and not the new Atlanta. I’m talking about the good ole Dungeon Family, Outkast days. Ironicly those same people influenced him to take the chances he’s taking today with his music career.

On Straight Flows, UZI remade songs like H.A.M by Jay-Z & Kanye West, “No Hands” by Waka Flocka, “Hustle Hard” by Ace Hood, but one song that stood out to me was his version of “Right Above it All” by Lil’ Wayne feat. Drake. The moment his voice became one with the beat you would think Kane made that track specifically for UZI.

He pours out his heart and lets us into his personal life, from dealing with shady promoters, striving to give his parents a better life, and much more. “I seek the best /that’s my personal goal/but imagine waiting through a pile of sh*t searchin for gold.” He then goes on to say “I been tried and fu*ked over by stupid ass promoters/ I tried to work with some and all I got was the cold shoulder/ that’s why I grind harder/ cause I’m only getting older/ attack each track with a chip on back/ a matter fact that sh*t’s a bolder.”

Hmmm I wonder which promoter he’s talking about, because God knows how this industry can chew you up and spit you out. Nonetheless he murdered the record.

My personal favorite song on the mixtape is “One in a Million” feat. Aaliyah. Yes, Aaliyah! Every man that wants to please his lady needs to listen to this track and keep it on repeat. UZI give the guys a few tips on keeping us ladies happy in the bedroom. “Who we calling?/ 69/ Tongue Kiss the Clit/ Shift the hips/ Then I di*k –you- down”

Damnnnnn, where’s a towel when you need one??????

Overall he get’s two-thumbs up and without a doubt in my mind UZI is next in line. If he’s not then the people aren’t listening close enough… If you don’t believe me then listen for yourself LISTEN HERE




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