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High demand for Mighty Crown's Nike sneakers @Mastasimon @Real_Sami_t & @Super_Gtype

Posted by SlimztheBoss at 2012-01-17 | Views: 634

Sound system Mighty Crown's new all-black Nike Dunk High Premium and the silver Nike Sky Force 88 Low are all sold out on

The latest news comes as another indicator that 'the massive' are embracing the sneakers and what they uphold - an unprecedented achievement for sound system and dancehall music and culture. As a result of the overwhelming popularity of the sneakers, a wealth of opportunities have been afforded to Mighty Crown.

"I am thrilled that the sneakers have opened new doors for Mighty Crown ... the many possibilities which have been unfolding for them are rare for members of the sound system fraternity," says Garfield 'Chin' Bourne of Irish and Chin, Mighty Crown's manager, in a release sent to The STAR. "By properly leveraging these opportunities over the next several months, we hope to further expose sound system and dancehall music and culture to a wider audience."

Soon after the sneakers were announced for sale on the website, they started moving rapidly. Whether customers copped the kicks for themselves or as Christmas gifts, the sneakers were a hot commodity during the holiday season. As there is still a heavy demand for the sneakers, Irish and Chin will try to restock the popular kicks if there are still some available. However, given that the Mighty Crown 20th Anniversary Sneaker Pak was a limited edition, this may be challenging.

Still riding high from their year-long 20th anniversary celebrations in 2011, Mighty Crown stepped into 2012 on a mission. And currently, the world is their oyster, as a bevy of exciting things are in the pipeline for them. The latest Nike sneaker deal has spawned a frenzy, thrusting Mighty Crown to a level of high demand. Already this year, Mighty Crown has been requested to work with top artistes from other music genres, perform in markets/territories uncharted by sound systems and endorse reputable brands.

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