Heat vs Mavs:Game 3:Doomsday Game

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 The Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks showdown at 8:30pm est. Why I'm callng this game "Doomsday"?,

before I get to that. How will the Heat come out this game?. Will they come out still distraght and let Game 2

meltdown, mess with them mentally or will they come out like gangbusters,and prove that Game 2 was a fluke. Im

betting on the latter. This Heat team knows this is the time . Lebron knows its time . Wade knows this is HIS

TIME. They will come out extremely aggressive,feeling out all passing lanes. They will gamble on defense,which

may get them in trouble, but you can't be timid on the road. They will make anybody but Dirk shoot the ball in the 4th.

Stat of the night "11 of 11". This is how many times the team that wins Game 3,wins the series.  History shows

whoever wins Game 3, wins the series. Mavs knows this and the Heat knows this. This  is the Game that will

decide the champion. Im sticking to my prediction Heat in five. The Heat were well on their way to a sweep.No team

has won more than a game against these guys. Not the 76ers,not the Celtics, and not even the so called

"MVP"Rose and the bulls went past five.  Yes, The Heat take all three at dallas. Yes, I root for the Heat. Yes, Im

drinking right now . Yes, Im crazy.  YES I DONT CARE



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