Heat vs Bulls: Game 5 preview "Lebron's Moment"

Posted by HBP at 2011-05-26 | Views: 523

The Miami Heat and the Chicago bulls play tonight at 8:30pm est.The Heat can close this series out and make its trip back to the finals since 06'.Its been a long road for this team.The trials and tribulations they have gone through together have only made them stronger and fully prepared for this moment. Lets not fool ourselves,theres maybe 14 guys on this team but this is really about the "Big 3" 'lebron,Dwade and Bosh. This is their moment. This is what they came together for. Negative views from media to all the critics bashing them, The haters coming out of every crack and corner(yes im talking about you Barkley,the barry brothers brent and john,Mike Wilbun,Jason Whitlock,Bill Simmons,Steve Kerr,Ric Bucford,Reggie Miller,A very long list you see!)and they have not blink. This moment is especially about Lebron. He's the reason that everyone hate the Heat. He is the one that said "Im taking my talents to south beach" the in-famous "The Decision". He is the one that was annointed the "golden child" of this new era,but ripped cleveland fans heart out when he made a very smart decision(yes I said it,proof is on your t.v. screen now). Will he own this moment? Will he carry this team? Will he try to do too much?I believe and say he does it! He will own the moment and by making that smart decision it came wit 2 little surprises called Wade and Bosh!


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