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 Uzochi Onyejuruwa, better known by his stage name UZI, was born on

August 1, 1988 and raised in the neighborhood of Fairway (located in

the city of Miramar, Florida). UZI started to take rapping seriously

at the age of 17 where he would write bars and just freestyle

as much as possible. UZI has a delivery that easily captures the ears

of his peers and those who have never even heard of him due to his

versatility and impeccable flow. It’s very refreshing to hear a young

artist hit the scene with vivid story lines, hard hitting punch lines,

and dope rhymes we can actually repeat and understand. UZI is like no

other, he has studied Rap-Hip Hop from various styles and delivery

techniques and even learning about the business aspect of the

entertainment industry. With turning a hobby into a talented craft,

the past few years of practice and studying have turned UZI into an

unprecedented artist. Heavy influences such as Z-Ro, Tech N9ne,

K-Rino, Outkast, Cee-Lo, Field Mob, UGK, Twista, Chamillionaire, Jay-Z

and many more have been the sources of style for UZI. UZI was built by

taking pieces from each of these artists and molding them into one.

Constantly free styling from a young age was the practice UZI used to

hone his skills. Free styling quickly turned into verse writing which

in turn blossomed into his phenomenal song writing ability. At this

point, UZI has reached a level of artistry in which he simply needs to

be heard by the masses. With an amazing work ethic matched only by his

talent, UZI has taken the necessary steps to get out and get

connected. This is an up and coming artist to listen and look out for, UZI.




Direct Contact - 754-244-0495




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