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                                                Drama Tha King


This driven, dedicated performer was born in Dallas, Texas. Drama Tha King, born Brian Anderson began his career at the age of nineteen when he discovered the true meaning behind pen and paper. Drama started taking everyday life experiences and what he learned growing

up over the years and put it on paper and in the booth to record. Motivated, Drama was persistent about pursuing his dream of being a rapper and making his name known not only in the streets but to the world. Drama along with four close friends, formed a group called E.L.I.T.E which got him started in the rap business. In 2005 the group released an underground album, and then began performing at local clubs. After many years of grinding as a group, 2007 Drama decided to go forward as a solo artist.This would ultimately lead to the solo deal of Drama to Platinum Beatz Entertainment June of 2009 under the production of Young Gem. Drama acknowledges a number of influences, including his single parent mother, who he watched struggle to maintain a nice home and provide for the family. Drama will take rap to a whole new level of entertainment and ambition with his sound and lyrics. Being hands on, co-producing and writing all of his material for his album” The Drama Zone" shows that he is real and what you hear from him is from the heart. With his own swagger. He departed PBent and now that he’s on his own, he’s set to release tons of new music this yr! Drama’s soulful rap sound can be attributed to a variety of natural talents. Being huge fans of Jay-Z and Eminem helped mold him in knowing what direction he plans on going with his music. Through his music the listener hears his story, understands his life, and learns him not only as an artist but an individual as well. Most rappers have a mentor who they look up to but Drama let it be known that, “music raised me and it keeps me motivated.”







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